McCloud Music Video

Patricia and I had the pleasure of working with McCloud on his song “What I am.” Patricia was the director and did a great job conceptualizing and explaining her vision to everyone.

Infact, she did such a great job, mine was easy. A few minutes listening, a few minutes staring at her Pinterest board, 3 hours shooting and a couple hours editing later, a simple music video for McCloud was formed. Check out some of his music here. He did a great job performing for the camera and taking direction from Patricia.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 6.29.36 PM

I shot mostly on the Canon C100 with a variety of lenses. Mostly the 50 1.2 as we went for extreme focus planes. The 70-200 on my carbon fiber sticks was the setup for all the whip pans and zoom shots. Finally, the 100 2.8l macro for yes, you guessed it, all the macro shots. We did go back a second day for an hour or two getting pick-ups. The outdoor walking shots were done with a 5d3 and 16-35 ii, its the lightest and widest setup we had. Everything was lit with Icelights.

Check out a BTS with McCloud interview here:

Check out the music video here: